Our Principles

The Infor brand has four principles that help create a shared mission, one that informs the best-in-class user experience and resonates with both internal and external audiences.

Approachable: As human-centered as consumer technology
The Infor brand is accessible and user-first. From our product UI to our event presence, we remain intuitive to customer needs, goals, and aspirations. We strive to foster a sense of familiarity that promotes confidence and trust with employees, users, partners, customers, and prospects.

Focused: Minimize complexity and eliminate distractions
The Infor brand is straightforward. People are naturally averse to inconvenience, so our branding, marketing, and experiences should evoke a sense of efficiency and ease. We are purposeful, direct, and goal-oriented, keeping in mind how to help customers eliminate complication or distraction on their path to success.

Relevant: What's important to the business and the user
The Infor brand is considerate. We strive to anticipate the needs of every industry, role, customer, and user. Infor is relevant to users because our solutions show appropriate and actionable information, as well as an understanding of the context in which they work. Our brand mirrors this tenant through visuals, language, and experiences that reflect our understanding of our customer’s challenges and objectives.

Perceptive: Continually learning what leads users to success
The Infor brand is unifying.  We connect our users, employees, and partners throughout the world. Similarly, our products bridge disparate areas of industry verticals, product solutions, and corporate initiatives. At each touch point, we empathize with the people and organizations we service in a way that is intelligent, actionable, and modern.