Our Principles

We believe that the Infor brand is more than how it looks. The brand is made up of all the thoughtful decisions behind a solution or experience—from how we build a marquee event or assemble an interface to what we promise our customers and how we craft headlines.

Four principles direct our decision-making and creative process: inclusive, informed, simplified, adaptable. To bring the brand to life, we extend these principles into every aspect our company. They help us deliver consistency and influence how we work together.

Inclusive: Understand who our work is for

When tackling a brief or request, we consider everyone who we intend to reach with our creative. We also consider what we want them to know and do. From an end-user to a third-party partner, our ideas must align with and address their challenges and what they need to be successful.

Informed: Make data-driven decisions

In order to make smart decisions, we rely on research, data, and best practices instead of assumptions. This helps us create communications and visual solutions that are valid and relevant for the intended audience.

Simplified: Focus on what’s essential

Our responsibility is to communicate the essence of our company in the most accurate, digestible, and compelling way. We need to constantly evaluate and identify what does and does not resonate with our audience in order to enrich and grow the brand.

Adaptable: Executing our brand at scale

We strive to maintain a clearly defined brand that is meaningful across different industries, global regions, and target audiences. The brand is designed to be both consistent and flexible. When creating executions and experiences, we consider the wide variety of needs and the environment of all the consumers, users, and attendees that our brand reaches.